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Cover of Lehigh Business, 2016

Lehigh Business

Fall 2016

The second edition of Lehigh Business features ground-breaking research and new initiatives of the College of Business and Economics. The magazine, which is produced annually, also focuses on the accomplishments and inventiveness of the College’s students and alumni.

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Lehigh experts explore the issue of Getting Paid

Runaway CEO salaries, gender pay gaps and minimum wage wars are igniting debates about income inequality. The issues are more complicated than you might think, Lehigh experts say.

New study on the impact of after-hours emails

Study suggests workplace technologies may hurt the very employees they were designed to help.

Sanjay Shah has a passion for technology

Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah ’89G has a passion for technology and solving problems.

Lea Gimenez is first female vice president of economy in Paraguay.

Lea Giménez ‘12 Ph.D. is the country's first female Vice Minister of Economy.

Lehigh in Shanghai

Twelve students participated in the Lehigh in Shanghai program over six weeks in summer 2016.