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The Trust Gap

A lack of trust might prevent even the most egalitarian individual from behaving in a completely egalitarian way. Dominic Packer studies the relationship between trust and bias.


Keith Moored's work to unlock the fluid mechanics of schools of fish may lead to efficient, autonomous underwater vehicles with the unprecedented ability to perform tasks as a team.

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"In order to truly learn, we must first be willing to embrace the challenge of the unknown."


Hannah Dailey's novel orthopedic device may revolutionize bone fracture recovery, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

A healthy partnership

In the public health arena, there is a growing recognition that many of the factors that promote, sustain and threaten health operate locally— within individual communities. Lehigh’s Community Health Research Group (CHRG) works with members of the local community, nonprofits, healthcare providers, and public sector to identify and address health needs and health disparities in the Lehigh Valley.