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Undergraduate Studies

At Lehigh, living and learning go hand in hand. You’ll get to study and pursue research here on campus and across the world, in some of the most unlikely of places.

The cornerstone of the Lehigh experience is flexibility, and we encourage our undergraduate students to take courses outside of your college to create an education that is as unique as you are. Remember, your professors will be more than teachers: They will be research partners and mentors.

Welcome to a place where we see things not for what they are, but for what they might be …

A place where we know the answers the world needs are bigger than one person …

A place where working together, we are genius.

Here at Lehigh, innovation is not an elective. Existing thinking provides a structure—so that you can knock it down and use the pieces to build a new path forward. Our students see the world as a dynamic place where their ideas and imagination allow them to find a new perspective. After all, future leaders don’t just learn how it’s done … they discover how to do it better.

Academic Fusion

At Lehigh, you can pursue 90 programs and majors. But you also have the chance to customize your learning experience by fusing together traditionally separate fields—choosing from 20 multidisciplinary programs that are fresh, exciting and uniquely Lehigh.

The Mountaintop Experience

What does a 21st century environment for learning, discovery and engagement look like? At Mountaintop, students own their workspace and are responsible for determining their goals and the details of their work.

Four Colleges of Learning

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business and Economics
College of Education
P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

Study Abroad

A Lehigh education has no boundaries. Whether it’s for a week or an entire semester, we offer more than 200 programs worldwide on six continents, occurring in the fall, winter, spring (and Spring Break) and summer.

Summer Study

Lehigh offers a range of courses over the summer. Visit our Office of Summer Sessions for the latest information.



of the class of 2016 achieved career-related employment, entered graduate school, or landed other opportunities within their plan 


students registered for research courses in 2013-2014


of the Class of 2014 studied overseas at least once


undergraduate degree programs and majors


students were supported by the Center for Academic Success in Fall 2014


Presidential Scholarships were awarded last year, providing a tuition-free fifth year at Lehigh