Be a Better Leader On and Off the Court

Kaylee Van Eps '25

"Lehigh is a beautiful campus that you really have to see in person to believe. The staff are very considerate of developing you as not just a student but preparing you for life after Lehigh and helping you create a great networking system. Lehigh gives you many opportunities to apply yourself and broaden your studies and interests as well. You can come in with one mindset and go out with another or further your research into who you want to become."

Q: How has Lehigh prepared you to take on tomorrow’s challenges?

A: Lehigh has prepared me for tomorrow's challenges by helping me grow as a leader. I have been put in positions that challenge my leadership skills and help me realize what works well and what doesn't. Specifically, I have worked with my basketball coaching staff to be a better leader on and off the court. I also have been challenged by my professors in learning more than just the material but work on finding how you learn the best.

Q: What is it like to be a student athlete at Lehigh? How do you balance academics and athletics?

A: Being a student athlete is a lot of time management. A big reason I am able to balance academics and athletics is because of the support staff for Athletics and professors being very responsive in helping me find time to makeup if I miss or finding time out of their normal scheduled office hours to help me. Having a great staff on campus that wants you to perform well in both the classroom and in your sport really makes the time management and balance a lot easier. You have to be willing to use the help that is given though.

Q: You’re a tour guide, what is your most asked question on a tour?

A: As a tour guide one of my most asked questions is "What's your day-to-day life like?"

Q: What would you say to a student who wants to get a feel of campus, but can’t visit in person?

A: From someone who never got to visit in person before applying, I think the biggest thing is to get a feel of the people. So talk to students, ask about daily life and what they enjoy or don't like. If you have an area of interest you want to study, maybe ask to get in contact with a professor or student in that major. The virtual tour is also a great option, either going through by yourself or going to a session with a tour guide taking you through the virtual tour where you could then also ask questions to them.

Q: You applied and got accepted to several universities, why Lehigh?

I only applied to Lehigh after I decided to commit to Lehigh to play basketball. I toured numerous colleges and universities before deciding on Lehigh though. The biggest thing that stood out to me about Lehigh was the people. From the basketball staff to counselors and professors, everyone that I had talked to was so invested in Lehigh's culture and wanted me to grow as a person, not just a student athlete. I never visited Lehigh in person before applying or committing to come either, so as much as I love the beauty of the campus now I only had ever seen it in pictures and on the virtual tour.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lehigh?

A: My favorite thing about Lehigh is the changing of the seasons. When the trees change from summer to fall and then watching the leaves grow back on the trees and grass turn green again after the snow melts. Another favorite thing of mine is all the options of food around campus, from dine-in to take-out, there is a variety of Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, American, etc, cuisine.

Q: Where is your study spot of choice on campus?

A: My favorite study spot on campus is the main floor of Williams Hall when it's not too busy.


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