Student Profiles

We are built for tomorrow’s challenges.

Lehigh students come from across the globe and across the world, from different backgrounds with interest in different disciplines, but a common thread runs through them all—they believe that with every challenge comes opportunity.

We prepare students to seize these opportunities through creative problem solving, our collaborative culture and chances to make an impact on humanity. Learn more about some of our amazing students below.

Giavanna Gast

Collaborative Kindness

Majors: IDEAS: Product Engineering, Materials Physics, Sustainable Development
Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Michael Tahiru ’22

Problem Solving for Startups

Majors: Finance and Africana Studies
Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Euan Forrest ’23

Soccer and Science

Majors: Behavioral Neuroscience and Economics
Hometown: Douglassville, PA

Salma Elboute ’22

Growth Outside of Class

Major: Management with concentration in Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Prepared Graduate

Major: Computer Science and Business
Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Research for Good

Major: Population Health, concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Hometown: Melrose, MA