Keagan Casey

A Problem Solver with a Global Mindset

Keagan Casey '24

"Lehigh is a fantastic place to go to school! You will be challenged academically and will meet people from all walks of life. A life motto I live by, which also embodies Lehigh, is that you should surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. The "average" Lehigh student is involved in so much and pushes themself to become the best person they can be. On top of this, the community is very special and is super tight-knit and deeply rooted in tradition."

Q: How has Lehigh prepared you to take on tomorrow’s challenges?

A: Lehigh develops you into a problem solver that has a global mindset. There is the ability to get involved in so many interdisciplinary programs that give you wide-encompassing experience. Tomorrow's challenges are unknown, but a Lehigh education gives you the tools and gives you the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way.

Q: What is it like to be a student athlete at Lehigh? How do you balance academics and athletics?

A: Being an athlete at Lehigh is nothing short of an amazing experience! The athletics community is relatively small and all of the administrators, coaches, trainers, support staff, and of course the athletes are here to ensure our student athletes get a top notch education and unmatched athletics experience. Here at Lehigh we pride ourselves in being tough, honest, leaders in our sport and beyond. It is a timely task, but you can always make time for the things that are important. With all the resources and support staff provided, and a little grit and discipline, you can excel in all aspects.

Q: How have your International Relations courses at Lehigh prepared you for the Marines?

A: A degree in international relations is a big part of the reason I came to Lehigh. A lot of universities do not offer such a degree and Lehigh is one of only a few institutions in the country that offer it as an undergraduate degree. Through my studies, I have learned about all aspects of international politics and how the international system operates. As a future Marine Corps ground officer, this knowledge will serve to help me lead our country's finest warfighting organization to victory in any future conflicts we may find ourselves in. Knowledge is power and the international relations department has prepared me very well to understand the complexities that are found in the world today.

Q: What is a classroom or extracurricular activity at Lehigh that helped you determine (or solidified) what you want to pursue in future?

A: Lehigh has helped me to determine that one day, I would like to pursue a career in the consulting field after my military career. I was able to minor in entrepreneurship and learn through a consulting class that I had an innate love of the field and was good at writing proposals to prospective clients.

Q: Out of the 25+ colleges you were considering, why Lehigh?

A: I chose Lehigh for so many reasons, but it boils down to four things really. First, was the ability to take part in Lehigh Athletics and the rivalry with Lafayette. For me that was the varsity level, for you that could be the intramural or club level. Second, was the various programs that differentiate Lehigh from other schools like the UN partnership and the Iacocca Internship program. These are unlike anything offered at other schools and I knew I would take part in these programs if I went here. Third, is the campus. It is so cool how we have three distinct campuses all interconnected, really taking advantage of the mountain geography. Each campus has its own vibe and is amazing to see how they are so unique. Last, and certainly not least, is the educational experience that is second-to-none. I often wear Lehigh gear. Whether that be in Florida, back home in Massachusetts, or anywhere else I am, people will often say "oh my gosh, you go to Lehigh?". My answer is always yes, and they then follow that with the fact that it is such a great school. This is a constant reminder to me that I am at an institution that is known and well accredited. The reality is college is a four-year journey that helps you determine where you want to go. A Lehigh education starts you off on the right foot so you can be set up for a life of success.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lehigh?

A: My favorite thing about Lehigh is the people, hands down. The people you meet here want to see you do well in all aspects of life. They will celebrate your success and help you get back up when you may fall down. It is just a fantastic environment to experience and call my home away from home nine months of the year.

Q: Where is your study spot of choice on campus?

A: My favorite study spot is Linderman Library. It is an obvious choice and whenever I send Snapchats inside to my friends, they are always in awe that such a building is a college library. There is something about that building that helps me crank out work productively, maybe it is the million copies of books!


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Major: Management with concentration in Entrepreneurship
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