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Cover of the Fall 2018 issue of Lehigh Business

Lehigh Business

Fall 2018

For most of human history, where you worked dictated where you lived, and where you lived limited the type of work you did. Not anymore. This annual edition of Lehigh Business examines in-depth the changing way we work, for better and worse. The issue also highlights the College of Business and Economics' planned expansion, faculty's ground-breaking research and student and alumni endeavors around the globe.

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Photo Illustration of The Way We work

For better and worse, the workplace is no longer just one place.

Rauch Business Center Expansion Interior

Plans call for new three-story, 60-000-square-foot building as number of students and faculty increases.

Museum Admission

Professor of economics studies the impact of admission fees on museum attendance.

Suzanne Daugherty

Suzanne Daugherty ’86 is the first woman, and longest serving, CFO at PJM Interconnection, which operates the high-voltage electric power system in all or parts of 13 states and Washington, D.C.

Ryan White

The successful entrepreneur has put his support behind "Drop in the Bucket" nonprofit.

Sinuo (Snow) Li

Students in the College of Business and Economics are among the 2018 Leonard P. Pool Memorial Prize winners.