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Lehigh and the Community

Clean & Safe Environment

An urban environment enriches the experience of students, faculty and staff but also poses certain challenges to the health and safety of its residents. Lehigh is building more effective partnerships to identify those challenges and work together toward their resolution.

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SouthSide Ambassadors

The SouthSide Ambassadors Program is a partnership between Lehigh University and the Bethlehem Economic Development Corporation to fund cleaning and safety ambassadors for the South Bethlehem commercial district. The focus of the cooperative agreement is a cleaner, safer South Bethlehem commercial district that becomes a destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

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South Side Initiative

The South Side Initiative brings together faculty, students and staff with the people of Bethlehem in order to share knowledge, foster democracy and improve the quality of life in our city. The first goal is to foster the exchange of knowledge, enabling students and faculty to share specialized academic expertise with our neighbors, and inviting community members to share local forms of knowledge, historical memory and cultural practice with those in the university. The Initiative also addresses pressing challenges in the life of the city by creating opportunities for informed democratic deliberation and action.

Clean Neighborhoods

Clean Neighborhoods

South Bethlehem is home to thousands of Lehigh students, faculty and staff who live off-campus and help build a cohesive community while improving the overall quality of life for city residents. At the annual South Side Clean-Up, many Lehigh and Bethlehem groups come together to clean the sidewalks and gutters of debris accumulated over winter. Working toward a common cause adds meaning to the day for Lehigh and neighbors who take pride in a clean, healthy environment.


Community Policing

Lehigh strives to create an environment where students and neighbors can feel at ease on campus and in the surrounding community. The Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD), fully accredited by the state of Pennsylvania, works in concert with local police, fire and community organizations to ensure that South Bethlehem remains a safe neighborhood in which to live, learn, work and play.

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Safety & Security Programs

There are a number of ways everyone in the Lehigh community can contribute to a safe community. The new HawkWatch Alert system delivers text and voicemail messages to your cellphone in emergency circumstances and the HawkWatch personal safety app provides a number of resources that can help keep members of the Lehigh community safe. TRACS and Escort Service provide alternatives to walking alone after dark, and R.A.D. Self-Defense Training is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for men and women.


Farmer's Market

Located at the intersection of Morton and New Streets in South Side Bethlehem, Farrington Square is home to the Bethlehem Farmers' Market. The weekly market is a great place for Lehigh students, faculty and staff, along with the South Bethlehem community, to gather for live outdoor music, enjoy a bite to eat, and pick up fresh produce, baked goods, natural soaps and more.


hours of community service by the Lehigh community


percentage of Lehigh students who participate in community service by their senior year


number of on-­ and off- ­campus miles patrolled by the Lehigh University Police Department during 2015


pints of blood donated to the Miller­Keystone blood center by Lehigh community members in 2015