LU student working with local area children
Lehigh and the Community

Educational Partnerships

As an academic institution, Lehigh strives to learn from and collaborate with the local community. One of the most vital investments Lehigh can make in the community is offering educational opportunities that will enrich and deepen the lives of the children and families living in and around South Bethlehem.

University Assisted Community School students working together

Community School

Lehigh's Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders has partnered with the Bethlehem Area School District and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley to create a University Assisted Community School at Broughal Middle School and Donegan Elementary School on the South Side. The Community School model is designed to address the needs of both the students and their families. Hallmark programs of this model include academic support and enrichment, coordinated tutoring, the creation of special interest groups, coordinated health and wellness, and enhanced parent education.

Lehigh tutor working with South Bethlehem schoolchildren

Homework Help

Since 2009, Lehigh’s Community Service Office has been providing a safe, educational environment for South Bethlehem schoolchildren to receive academic support through after-school homework clubs. The partnership with three homework clubs at Broughal Middle School, as well as Fountain Hill and Donegan Elementary Schools, provides students with educational activities, assistance with homework, training for site leaders, and tutors four days a week - all in a space where students can feel safe and focused.

Lehigh student-athlete coach

Educational Outreach

For nearly 25 years, Lehigh student-athletes have been making a difference on and off the field through the Community Outreach by Athletes who Care about Helping (C.O.A.C.H.) program. These student-athletes act as coaches for local school students by making presentations to students and student-athletes, offering educational-themed sports clinics, organizing group outings to Lehigh athletic events and participating in programs like Reading Rocks at Donegan Elementary School. Amid a hectic schedule of classes, practices and games, student-athletes involved in C.O.A.C.H. are dedicating time to inspire local students to succeed in school and in life.


Great South Side Sale

For nearly 20 years, Lehigh’s move-out collection drive has resulted in one of our most successful yearly community events - the Great South Side Sale. From a first year tally of $500 to the latest grand total of $21,000, the sale and its revenue have grown from a simple way to recycle unwanted items to a great way to connect students, faculty and staff with the local community. Sales from the event benefit children and youth programs in South Bethlehem.


hours spent tutoring South Bethlehem children every year


percentage increase in parents attending school-based activities during AY 13-14 from the previous year at Donegan Community school