Role of a Trustee

The Board of Trustees of Lehigh University is a group of individuals, elected by the members of the corporation, empowered by law to act as a body to make policy decisions and to govern the affairs of the University. The Board of Trustees is composed of members who are nominated because of their stature and influence in the Lehigh community and their respective expertise.

The Board of Trustees sets the tone and projects the image of Lehigh University. While Board members are not involved in the day to day operation of the university, they are responsible for seeing that the beliefs and principles of the university and its goals and objectives are carried out in the operations. This responsible position needs active, flexible, farsighted, capable and committed persons so that the needs and interests of today's — and tomorrow's — students can be met.

The responsibilities of a Board member:

  • Accepts the Board's obligation to abide by the University charter
  • Read material in Board mailings prior to the meetings in order to actively participate in discussions
  • Attend Board meetings regularly (3/year)
  • Know the University's financial position and budgets well enough to assess the impact of Board decisions on the financial condition of the University
  • Support and promote University fundraising efforts in line with one's abilities and make financial contributions according to personal resources
  • Support the majority decisions of the Board
  • Understand the Board's legal responsibilities
  • Accept the organization's philosophy and position on affirmative action and equal employment opportunity
  • Be willing and available to attend training