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The events calendar offers a comprehensive listing of Lehigh events, including cultural and entertainment activities, lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, athletics, and more. Users can search by date, event category, or organization. Event listings are viewable from multiple locations such as the Inside Lehigh web page, digital signs around campus, Lehigh’s Facebook page, the daily Upcoming Events and Announcements email, mobile apps, and the campus portal. All events can also easily be found using Lehigh’s Google search on the Lehigh website. The calendar also makes it easy to transfer events to your own Google calendar, share them with friends on Facebook and other social media sites, and set up notifications and reminders.

Questions? Contact us at eventscalendar@lehigh.edu

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Events Calendar on Desktop and Mobile

Events Calendar Feature Highlights

Best place to learn about Lehigh events
Keep up with all that's happening at Lehigh throughout the year-- whether from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The calendar is “mobile aware” and automatically adapts to fit the form factor of any tablet, smartphone and desktop computer.

Comprehensive list of Lehigh events
Over 4,000 events are submitted each year including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, athletics, cultural and entertainment activities, and more. The calendar receives approximately half a million pageviews annually.

View events on websites, digital signs, upcoming events and announcements email, apps and portal
Event listings are displayed across multiple locations such as Inside Lehigh web page, digital signs around campus, Lehigh's Facebook, the Upcoming Lehigh Events and Announcements email, smartphone apps, and the campus portal.

Customize what you want to see
Search by date, event category or organization and view events by day, week, month or year.

Add events to your Google calendar
Easily transfer individual events into your personal Google calendar.

Share events with your friends
Share events with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, or forward them as an email or text message from both the main calendar page and individual event details.

Get event reminders via text or email
Subscribe to receive email or text notifications of events by category, or signup to receive reminders for individual events.

Automation Features
Website managers can automatically embed and stream events from any category directly onto a website, digital sign or other device.

Promote Your Lehigh Event

Want to generate awareness and promote attendance at your event? Start today by submitting your event details to the calendar.

The Lehigh calendar helps event organizers reach the largest possible audience quickly and easily by automatically publicizing the event across Lehigh’s website and in the daily Upcoming Events and Announcements email. Events can be submitted days or months in advance and can repeat if necessary.

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