Accessible Parking & Seating Options

We have a limited number of accessible parking spaces and seating for the University Commencement Ceremonies. Carefully review the information below and consider making the necessary plans to help make the ceremony as comfortable as possible for your guests.

Accessible Parking Details

To request an Accessible Parking Permit, please email with your name and telephone number. Once your request is received, you will get an email response with your parking permit and map attached. Please print your pass and have it on hand to park your vehicle in this designated area. Requests received after Friday, May 14 are not guaranteed.

If you already have an accessible parking tag of your own, you may use it to access this designated area in lieu of a University-issued permit.

This designated parking area is located at Stabler Arena. There are shuttle bus stops with benches along this parking area. The shuttle bus will drop you off at the entrance to Goodman Stadium. Shuttle buses will run continuously throughout the ceremonies. The buses are able to lower completely to the ground to help guests with or without wheelchairs in and out of the bus. We ask that all guests adhere to the bus capacity guidelines and directions from the bus drivers to allow for proper social distancing on the bus. You do not need a ticket to board the bus. At the conclusion of a ceremony, shuttle buses will be waiting in front of Goodman Stadium to return guests to the Stabler Arena parking lot.

Accessible Seating

The ticket reservation system for Goodman Stadium will go live the week of May 3rd. A personalized promo code will be sent to each graduate who confirmed their participation for the in-person ceremony. Enter this code in the box on the top right of the Lehigh tickets website and click “Go.” You will see your assigned ceremony time slot and date. Click “Find Tickets” where you will see Goodman Stadium displayed on your screen. You will notice above the stadium graphic, there is a link to Accessible Seating. Click on the link to view all of the seats that are designated as accessible. (You will be required to pick 4 seats to ensure seats stay within the same party.) Once the online ticket form has been completed, the person who reserved the seats will receive an email with the tickets. Guests must have their tickets onsite (by phone or print out) as they will be scanned at the stadium gates to confirm access into their assigned ceremony. If your guests change after submitting the ticket form, please contact to provide the name(s) of the new guest(s) and who they will be replacing.

The lower section of seats require one large step down to access the top row and the upper section of seats require four large steps up to access the first row.

Wheelchair accessible seating is designated on the seating map. A folding chair will be set-up for the second guest in the party. Please be advised that the University does not provide wheelchairs. Guests will need to provide their own wheelchair should they require the use of one.

All seat reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. The majority of the seats are bleacher seats with a limited number of chairback seats. The type of seat will be described when hovering over a seat on the diagram. We encourage you to bring a stadium seat if you have a bleacher seat and need back support.

All walking aids must be stored safely in a way that they do not block aisles or cause a tripping hazard for other guests.

Additional Viewing Option

Each Commencement Ceremony will be live-streamed on the Lehigh Commencement homepage. Especially with the capacity restrictions, we encourage you to share this information with your family and friends who are not able to celebrate with you in-person.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Events at or (610) 758-4682.