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Emergency Information

Lehigh Siren System

In September 2011, Lehigh implemented a siren system as part of its emergency notification strategy. The sirens are one tool used in notifying the campus community regarding a situation that represents an imminent threat of danger.

What does the siren sound like and what should I do when I hear it?
In an emergency, you will hear a 10 second siren that will be followed by a voice message instructing you what to do. The siren is meant to alert people that there is a situation involving imminent danger. You are to check the Lehigh home page and your mobile phone for HawkWatch alert. HawkWatch is our text messaging system that sends notifications to your phone. If you are not signed up for this, please visit the HawkWatch page

It is important to note that you may not be able to hear the sirens if you are indoors, listening to music, or operating loud machinery of any kind.

Where are the sirens located?
There are three sirens which are located on the Asa Packer campus, above Linderman Library; on the Mountaintop campus, atop Iacocca Tower; and on the Goodman campus, above Stabler Arena.

How often will Lehigh test the siren system?
Each month, Lehigh will test the system to ensure its operability. This is a silent test with no audible sound. Twice a year, we will test the audible system using church bells. Once a year we will perform an actual test of the siren sound. The campus community will be made aware of all audible tests.

Test sound for siren (church bells)

Sound for actual emergency

Who has the authority to activate the siren?
Authority to activate the siren rests with the Lehigh University Police Department.

HawkWatch App

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Emergency Numbers

Lehigh University Police

(610) 758-4200

Bethlehem Police

911 (on campus)