Winter 2015

Cover of Winter 2015 Lehigh Bulletin

The Winter 2015 edition of the Lehigh Bulletin introduces the university’s next president, John D. Simon, a widely respected leader in higher education. Through interviews with Simon and his current and former colleagues, the cover story details Simon’s path to the presidency, including the ‘defining moment’ in his career. The issue also captures in photos the historic gathering of Lehigh alumni in New York for the 150th playing of The Rivalry.

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President John D. Simon

John Simon has distinguished himself in academia with his world-class research, his thoughtful leadership and, perhaps most tellingly, his willingness to put the interests of others above his own.

Illustration of students working out problem on chalkboard

Four engineers and an economist seek to harness the abounding energy of the ocean's waves.



Lehigh fan with facepaint

Rivalry 150 proved to be an amazing occasion for the Lehigh community

Playing fields and stands on Goodman campus

New playing fields and stands will enhance the Goodman campus for players and fans

Robert E. Zoellner

The Zoellner Arts Center is testament to Zoellner’s deep commitment to Lehigh University.