Meet the Ombudspersons

The ombudspersons are available to meet with students, faculty, and staff, on or off campus, at the individual's discretion. Their hours are flexible, and a time to meet can be arranged by phone or e-mail. All discussions are confidential.

To contact Kathleen Hutnik, call (610) 758-3648 or email To contact Anne Meltzer, call (610) 758-3673 or email To contact Jennifer Swann, call 8-5484, text her cell at (610) 554-8839 or email

Kathleen Hutnik

Kathleen Hutnik

Kathleen Hutnik, associate deputy provost for graduate education, first came to Lehigh as an undergraduate student, earning a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. She returned as a Lehigh employee in 2001 after earning her Ph.D. in English language and literature from Indiana University Bloomington. Kathleen served first as an assistant director of academic support, was named director of graduate student life in 2007, and in 2014 became associate dean for graduate student life. In her current role as associate deputy provost, Kathleen provides leadership, coordination, direction and oversight related to the activities and initiatives that support the academic, personal and professional success of graduate students.

Kathleen has served on a number of committees and boards, including as an executive committee member of the Council for Equity and Community (CEC) and as a member of the Task Force for Graduate Education, which developed a strategic plan for the growth of graduate education and led to the creation of the deputy provost for graduate education position. She was selected as a member of the first cohort of Lehigh’s Pragmatic Leadership Program, and is the recipient of several Lehigh awards, including the Paul J. Franz Award, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award and the Waves Award from the Center for Gender Equity. Beyond Lehigh, Kathleen is a member of the board of the Greater Lehigh Valley YMCA.

Being an ombudsperson is an outgrowth of work that I do with graduate students and their faculty, and I look forward to conversations with staff as well.This work is the most challenging and most gratifying part of my job. And, when things go well, relationships are strengthened and people can return to focusing on their projects, their work, their aspirations.

To contact Kathleen Hutnik, call (610) 758-3648 or email

Anne Meltzer

Anne Meltzer

Anne Meltzer is a Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Trembley Chair in EES. She’s been at Lehigh since 1990. She holds a B.S. in Geology from Gilford College, a M.S. in Geology from the University of North Carolina, and a Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University. She teaches courses in natural hazards, seismology, and tectonics. Her research interests include the structure and evolution of mountains, continental plateaus, and subduction zones, and earthquake rupture processes both large and small. Her research and teaching has allowed her to travel and work around the world. Anne’s served on numerous Lehigh committees as well as EES Department Chair and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She’s currently a CAS First Year Student Mentor Advisor. At Lehigh Anne’s research and service have been recognized with a Class of '61 Professorship, the Deming Lewis Award, and the Hillman Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising. She’s a Fellow American Geophysical Union and received the American Geophysical Union Ambassador Award. Through her research, teaching, and service she’s developed a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of people and perspectives required for individuals, communities, and institutions to flourish.

To contact Anne Meltzer, call (610) 758-3673 or email

Jennifer Swann

Jennifer Swann

Jennifer Swann, a Professor of Biological Sciences, has been at Lehigh since 1995. She has distinguished herself as an arbiter of justice and mediator of restorative practices while serving as a member in good standing on the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSCHE) Board of Appeals and Evaluation Team, the International Ombudsman Association, the Academic Parity Movement Advisory Board, and the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment. She is the recipient of several Lehigh awards, including the 25 Women Who Are Changing Lehigh Award, the Martin Luther King Faculty Award, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs Faculty Staff Award “for outstanding contributions to improving the quality of student life.”

Jennifer has served in a number of administrative roles at Lehigh, including as interim director of Africana Studies, director of Student Success for the College of Arts and Sciences, chair of the internal advisory board for Lehigh ADVANCE, faculty tri-chair for the Council on Equity and Community (CEC), and co-chair of the Faculty and Staff of Color Network (FSCN). She is a founding member of Lehigh’s Community Conversations About Race (CCAR) and serves on BALANCE, the Black and Latinx Alumni Network for Community and Equity.

Jennifer holds a doctorate in reproductive endocrinology from Northwestern University. Her research career has focused on circadian rhythms, neuroendocrinology and behavior, and neuroanatomy. While researching the neurobiology of sex differences, she pursued a variety of opportunities to promote equity and inclusion and reduce incivility in the workplace. Currently, her transdisciplinary research focuses on incivility in STEM disciplines. She is pursuing a master's degree in negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University.

To contact Jennifer Swann, call 8-5484, text her cell at (610) 554-8839 or email

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