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Academic Life & Student Transitions

Lehigh University students are bright, inquisitive, accomplished, well­-rounded, driven and goal-oriented, but the university experience can present an entirely new set of challenges and expectations to even the most high-achieving students. We provide numerous support services to help each student succeed academically and develop as individuals. As a student, your personal evolution begins as soon as you are on campus.

The Center for Academic Success

We are committed to helping all students reach their full academic potential. We provide tutoring services in many first- and second-year courses (introductory and 100-level courses) and study skills assistance free of charge to Lehigh University students, with the long-range goal of helping students become successful, independent and self-confident learners.

Center for Academic Success
(610) 758-5181

The Center for Writing & Math

We offer both online and person-to-person help for students who want to develop their writing abilities, research techniques and math proficiency. One of our most popular services is free, one-on-one conferences with trained writing consultants to help students with the writing process. Qualified and accomplished writers help students brainstorm ideas, review working drafts for content and organization, and polish their prose.

Writing & Math Center
(610) 758-3098


5x10 Program

During the first 10 weeks of college, students are encouraged to attend five programs that correlate with foundations for student success as outlined in Lehigh's distinctive bLUeprint program.

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Support Services for Students with Disabilities

We help students who are substantially limited by a diagnosed disability so they have the opportunity to grow independently and develop to their fullest potential. Our professional staff members work with students with disabilities that include attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, cognitive disorders, physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, blindness, deafness, and psychiatric and psychological disorders. The Peer Mentor Program also pairs a first-year student with an upper-class student with a similar diagnosed learning disability.

Disability Support Services
(610) 758-4152