Publishing a Website using Drupal, Web Page Templates or WordPress

Lehigh provides a number of options to publish and maintain official websites for university offices and academic departments, or to create course-related blogs and sites for individuals and projects.

I. Official websites for university offices and academic departments

Administrative offices, colleges, and academic departments and centers publish and maintain centrally-hosted websites using Lehigh's Drupal Content Management System. These websites are hosted within the subdomain and are built upon a design that conforms to the university's visual identity and functional requirements for official websites. These sites comply with federal website accessibility guidelines, and integrate Lehigh's Google Site search and the Lehigh website footer.

* Login and select Web & Mobile Apps Development.

Special option: An official web template in HTML format is available for the creation of special web applications intended for use by a third-party web development vendor. Units that work with a vendor to create an official website for university offices and academic departments are welcome to submit a request to receive the official web template information.

II. Course-related blogs and sites for individuals and academic-focused projects

University faculty, staff, and students have the option to create academic-focused web blogs or sites for individual, group or professional use via an externally-hosted, Lehigh-managed, WordPress service.

Special option: Lehigh provided Google applications such as Blogger, Sites, and Groups are also available to use with your Lehigh account using single-sign-on. However, support for some non-core services is limited. Learn more about G Suite (Google Apps) for Lehigh >


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