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State Policy Related to Gifts, Meals and Travel

While there are no specific laws on the state level restricting gifts, transportation and meals there are laws about reporting such activity. Pennsylvania’s law places no limit on the size or number of gifts received. Elected officials need only disclose gifts worth $250 or more, and transportation and hospitality worth $650 or more.

The Lobbying Disclosure Law Act 2006 requires a registered principal, under oath or affirmation, to file quarterly expense reports with the Department no later than 30 days after the last day of the quarter. Each expense report shall include the total costs of all lobbying for the period. The total shall include all office expenses, personnel expenses, expenditures related to gifts, hospitality, transportation and lodging to state officials or employees, and any other lobbying costs.

The total amount reported under this paragraph shall be allocated in its entirety among the following categories:

  • the costs for gifts, hospitality, transportation and lodging given to or provided to state officials or employees or their immediate families.
  • the costs for direct communication.
  • the costs for indirect communication.

The Act requires a lobbying firm or a lobbyist not associated with a lobbying firm to sign the reports submitted by each principal for whom the lobbying firm or lobbyist is registered to attest to the validity and accuracy to the best of the attestor's knowledge. A lobbying firm or lobbyist may attach a statement to the report of a principal, describing the limits of the knowledge of the lobbying firm or lobbyist concerning the information contained in the expense report. Under certain circumstances, a lobbying firm or lobbyist may be required to submit a quarterly expense report. According to the Act, a lobbying firm or lobbyist shall submit an expense report if lobbying expenses were not contained in any expense report filed by a principal or principal represented.

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