As Lehigh expands its efforts in sustainability, it makes a pledge to buy more of its food from local farms and humane sources.

No matter when they attended Lehigh, our alumni consistently articulate a series of attributes gleaned from their experiences.

Two wrestlers

The Lehigh wrestling program develops true scholar-athletes while also competing at the very highest levels of the sport.

Lehigh students at LehighSiliconValley

Lehigh students immerse themselves in the dynamic, fast-paced world of Silicon Valley.

Hydrothermal vents at the sea floor offer clues to the origins of life on earth, and beyond

How hard work, hands-on learning and lots of late nights helped one Lehigh student group turn a pile of parts into an high-performance off-road race car.

Ricardo Viera and his team at the Lehigh University Art Galleries teach and inspire with a visual laboratory of world-class works.

Lehigh embarks on an exciting new era with a series of West Coast initiatives.

Illustration of Gabe Knutson dunk

How teamwork, togetherness and selflessness helped the 2011-2012 Mountain Hawks pull one of the greatest upsets in the history of March Madness.

Joshua Pepper

With modest telescopes, Josh Pepper and his KELT team are helping NASA find planets beyond the solar system that could hold life—or already do.