Research Highlights

Innovative microfluidic device could help detect metastasis earlier, guide therapeutic decisions and predict overall survival.

The Institutes build upon existing strengths in areas in which Lehigh can make broad societal impact. 

Professor Holona Ochs shares her perspective about the potential impacts of recent wage law proposals on tipped workers. 

Through experimental evolution and whole genome sequencing, Lehigh biologists demonstrate key, under-studied aspects of diploid adaptation.

A new application of data analysis and visualization techniques achieves better representation of multidimensional materials data.

Researchers examine 1,000 years of English development and identify algorithms that human minds have used to create word senses with implications for artificial intelligence.

Lehigh ISE researchers say the proactive algorithm could cut costs by almost 10 percent.

Lehigh geophysicist discusses the significance of magnetism in sedimentary rock deposits.

Group offers access to emergency response services with mesh networking innovation.

Philosophy faculty member discusses guns on campus and his current book project Good Guys with Guns: Whiteness, Masculinity, and the New Politics of Sovereignty.