Research Highlights

Lehigh ISE researchers say the proactive algorithm could cut costs by almost 10 percent.

Lehigh geophysicist discusses the significance of magnetism in sedimentary rock deposits.

Group offers access to emergency response services with mesh networking innovation.

Philosophy faculty member discusses guns on campus and his current book project Good Guys with Guns: Whiteness, Masculinity, and the New Politics of Sovereignty.

Ph.D. student Kevin Anderson wins “Best of Show” at international gathering of materials scientists.

His projects include the creation of tools that aid in early cancer detection.

A new technique, which can be generalized, sharpens correlation of input and output variables.

Lehigh artificial intelligence expert co-creates first automated white box testing model to shine light into the black box of deep learning systems like self-driving cars.

A scholar urges Armenia to normalize relations with its neighbors.

Lehigh’s first Presidential Engineering Research Initiative seeks to unlock the potential of untapped data.