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As Lehigh pushes forward on plans to add more students and scholars to its campus community, it will also launch a campus-wide infrastructure initiative that will include the construction of new residential and academic facilities, as well as renovations or expansions for some of its most iconic buildings.

The scope of work will extend from the top of South Mountain into the neighborhoods of South Bethlehem, and will provide the campus community with new venues for research, discovery and student life, as well as creative spaces that will spark innovation and bring faculty, students, staff and the community closer together.

Current Projects

The capital projects called for in the Path to Prominence will enhance Lehigh’s ability to serve its students and support the work of its world-class faculty. The projects will support residential life, academics, research and athletics.

Launch Bay C


Mountaintop Building C

The transformation of the Mountaintop facility provides additional space for programs linked to Lehigh’s Creative Inquiry initiative. The buildings also serve as the new home of the Computer Science and Art, Architecture and Design Departments.

SouthSide Commons Rendering

Student Life

Residence: SouthSide Commons

This proposed residential development will allow for the planned expansion of Lehigh’s student body and create a stronger link between Lehigh and South Bethlehem. Learn more about SouthSide Commons >

3rd and New Administrative Building


3rd and New Street

This new administrative facility is home to the offices of Development and Alumni Relations and Finance and Administration. The location of these offices will help extend Lehigh’s campus boundaries and stimulate commercial and retail demand in South Bethlehem.


01 | Student Life

Revitalizing and Growing Student Life

The construction of new student housing facilities and renovation of key existing buildings such as the University Center will bring new vitality to campus and create spaces for collaboration and community.

Rendering of construction of new student housing facilities

Current Project

Residence: SouthSide Commons

Future Projects

Bridge West

The development of this new residential facility will allow for continued growth and bring greater vitality to the southwest corner of campus.

University Center

The historic UC will be renovated and reimagined as a true center for student and campus life.


02 | Academics

Creating a State-of-the-Art North Packer Academic District

Substantial renovations for some of Lehigh’s most beloved and historic buildings will preserve these treasures for generations to come, while new science facilities will meet the needs of a 21st-century research university.

Rendering of academic district on Packer campus

Future Projects

New Health, Science & Technology Building

A new Health, Science & Technology building will provide new, cutting-edge lab facilities and research spaces, while also anchoring the northwest corner of campus.

Rauch Renovation & Expansion

The home of the College of Business and Economics will be expanded, allowing for continued growth and the addition of collaborative spaces.

Fairchild-Martindale Library Renovation

The library will be updated to meet the needs of 21st-century research and scholarship.

Packard Lab

Renovation and modernization is planned for Packard Lab, a distinguished building with a signature program on a prominent site. The traditional home of Lehigh’s College of Engineering, work on Packard will highlight the engineering experience as an interdisciplinary endeavor and serve the campus’ diverse student population.

Chandler-Ullmann Renovation

Perhaps Lehigh's most historic building, Chandler-Ullmann Hall will be renovated and updated to highlight its heritage while providing a contemporary academic facility housing the College of Arts and Sciences Psychology and Mathematics Departments.


03 | Mountaintop

Making the Mountaintop Campus a Magnet for Intellectual Activity

Continued development of the Mountaintop campus will create a cutting-edge nexus for research and discovery, as well as a vital cog in Lehigh’s intellectual infrastructure.

Rendering of Mountaintop

Current Project

Mountaintop Building C

Future Projects

HST Mountaintop

A research-focused building will enhance the facilities currently in Iacocca Hall and bridge to other activities happening on Mountaintop.

Mountaintop Building B Renovation

Continued work on Building B will create more space for interdisciplinary studies at Mountaintop as well as access to fabrication and manufacturing resources for faculty and students.


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