Kelly Hochbein

Manager, Editorial Services

Office of Communications and Public Affairs

(610) 758-4746

Kelly Hochbein is a member of the editorial team in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. She serves as editor of the Lehigh Research Review and as an associate editor of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin. She also writes and edits for Lehigh’s news websites and other publications, covering events, research and news from all four colleges.

Hochbein holds a B.A. in English and a master’s degree in education from the University of Notre Dame. She worked as a teacher and a freelance writer before her arrival at Lehigh in 2014. In her free time, Hochbein enjoys writing for young children. 

New initiative will expand Lehigh’s capacities for teaching and research in computer and data science.

John Coulter, associate dean of engineering research and graduate studies, will begin his new role July 1. 

Lehigh professor Joachim Grenestedt designs state-of-the-art ski equipment for Paralympians. 

Award-winning director of The Hunting Ground discusses sexual assault on college campuses.

Lehigh student scientists immerse themselves in independent research.

Director Kirby Dick will discuss the problem of sexual assault on college campuses.

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins shares insights and influences with students. 

Henri Barkey examines the ever-changing landscape of international politics

Lucy Napper studies the role of parents in shaping student perceptions about alcohol consumption. 

Imaani El-Burki examines new media to explore the dialogue surrounding opinions toward the poor and attitudes on poverty as they relate to discussions about race.

Hugo Ceron-Anaya examines gender and bodily dispositions on the golf course in contemporary Mexico.

John Pettegrew's upcoming book examines how visual representations of combat influence soldiers. 

Yue Yu is developing a mathematical model to better understand cerebral aneurysms. 

Hartley Lachter's recent book examines medieval Kabbalah on the Iberian Peninsula. 

Structural biologist Krystle McLaughlin studies the molecular configuration of bacteriophages. 

Mark Chen studies a possible answer to the energy demands of the future. 

Benjamin Felzer and Dork Sahagian use computer modeling to generate projections of surface hydrology and local ecosystem responses to expected climate change. 

Miguel Pillado studies the work of writers who challenge the stereotypical images of the Tijuana, Mexico.

Ricki Bliss investigates various theories of reality’s fundamental structure and assesses their nature and possibility.

Kashi Johnson applies her love of hip-hop to her pedagogy.