Population Health Degree

What is Population Health?

Population health, a part of the larger field of public health, is the science of understanding the multiple determinants of health, from cell to society. It is data science that provides critical insights that stand to make an impact on millions of lives. Population health scientists leverage data to define opportunities for interventions to improve the health of populations. These interventions can range from health innovation and technology for improved health care to community health programs to health policy—all to optimize health outcomes.

Through an innovative curriculum, experiential learning programs and immersion in Lehigh’s interdisciplinary academic culture, students are  challenged to learn in the classroom and apply their knowledge in the real world. At any point along their academic and career path, on campus or online, students and professionals alike can find their intellectual home in the College of Health. When their training is complete, they are prepared to improve the lives of millions of people the world over.

Population Health Major - BS in Population Health

Lehigh University's Bachelor of Science in Population Health degree prepares students to investigate the determinants of health using data science, and to identify novel and effective avenues for disease prevention, health promotion, diagnosis, and intervention. The program combines courses in population health with foundational courses in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and computer science. Students gain knowledge and skills through coursework, experiential learning opportunities, research projects and engagement with traditional and nontraditional partners in pursuit of a healthier world. 

The BS degree requires a minimum of 124 credits and provides students with a strong conceptual background in Population Health as well as extensive methodological expertise in data science and epidemiology. 

BS students who earn a 3.5 GPA by their junior year can select to be automatically admitted into the Master of Public Health or the MS in Population Health program.

Population Health Minor Program

The minor in Population Health is for students not pursuing a BS in population health.  The minor in population health is designed to complement major studies in other disciplines by preparing students to learn and apply introductory-level population health concepts and methodology. The minor requires a minimum of 15 credits. 

Careers in Population Health

Lehigh’s population health alumni can pursue careers in the private sector, non-profit organizations, or local, state, federal, and international governmental institutions or go on to obtain graduate level research or clinical training. They work in fields such as: epidemiology, medicine, data science, biostatistics, global health, health economics, health policy, community health, health promotion, and health technology and innovation.

Population Health Degree Contact

Christine Daley, Ph.D., M.A., S.M.: chd320@lehigh.edu | (610) 758-1878

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